orldWide White Communications can facilitate your leap to the internet, once you are there
we can maintain your image and help it evolve.

Y o u r p r e s e n c e .

Businesses are discovering the vast potential of the worldwide web for marketing and sales.
The hottest ticket to successful marketing today is through the use of the internet with:

Web Links
Social Media
Email Marketing

W o r k i n gw i t h u s .

Website design is a process. We work with clients the same way that we would for hard copy design -
working as a team to identify objectives and develop the appropriate strategy. Begin to work with us
at any stage of your development and we can help create a strong web presence for you. *

*Note: Because we work with web design professionally, it may be well worth your while to bring
us in early so that you don't waste your developing something that won't work. One of the most
significant features of web design is that it can be changed and updated!

B a s i cs t e p s .

Decide long and short term goals of your internet presence.

Evaluate your current marketing literature and see what might be adapted to the website design.

Make a clear corporate statement.

Select information and images that reflect your strength and uniqueness.

Think of how the web might work for you in ways that traditional marketing might not.

O n t h e n e t.

Web presence alone is a doorway for marketing. Supportive literature and media can optimize
the effectiveness of web marketing.

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